How PEPPR is Helping Restaurants Serve Their Customers

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At its core, the restaurant industry is dedicated to bringing people together, giving them a wonderful experience with food and great service, and create a social environment for families and friends to gather. It’s important that restaurants have the tools available to best serve their customers and remove barriers that may dissuade them from spending their hard earned money. 


Think of the last group event that came into your restaurant. In all likelihood, the reservation was made after a lot of back and forth phone calls and emails between the events coordinator at the restaurant and the party planner or host. 


Perhaps there was a food allergy in the group, or maybe the group wanted to bring in their own decorations or dessert. For any group dining event, there are usually a lot of details that must be attended to. What does this mean for restaurants? You guessed it: a whole lot of work.


This is where PEPPR comes in. 


With PEPPR’s innovative and user-friendly group dining reservations platform, restaurants no longer have to worry about missing details or customer requests. In fact, PEPPR’s platform provides a one stop shop for all group dining or group event needs, eliminating the need for back and forth conversations, lost paperwork, or crowded email inboxes.


When restaurants list their event or group dining space with PEPPR, customers will automatically see the details of what your establishment can accommodate, so they can find the perfect fit. 


Don’t allow split checks? Have a corking fee for wine? Do you have private rooms, or just large tables? All of these parameters can be put into your listing, giving customers a clear picture of what they’ll be getting when booking with your restaurant. 


For the customer, the convenience of booking their entire group dining reservation, complete with special requests and even menu selections, can make the decision to book with their favorite restaurant even easier.


It’s simple to list your restaurant with PEPPR. All that’s required is a listing of your specifications, some photos of your space, and you’re all set to go.


Ready to list with PEPPR? Get started here. 


We’re proud to offer restaurants completely FREE listings! If a customer books with you through PEPPR, we’ll take a small percentage of their deposit, and that’s it. We understand that margins can run thin in the restaurant industry, and it’s important to us that our restaurant partners find the value in PEPPR’s services. 

PEPPR intends to make the concept of bringing people together over great food as simple, efficient, and convenient as possible. After all, booking a large group dining event shouldn’t be a headache for anyone involved. Eliminate the stress and headache of a process that was in dire need of an update, and welcome to the easy, simple world of PEPPR.

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