PEPPR Streamlines Your Events Operations

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Manage Everything From One Simple Platform

Do you love searching your email inbox to find what salad dressing a party asked for? Is your favorite activity returning voicemails only to discover the customer is looking for a space with twice your capacity? If so, PEPPR is not the right platform for you.

We find the perfect customer for your space, and then let them plan the perfect party. No back and forth emails about table cloth colors, no endless voicemails asking the same questions about your space. Customers find the perfect space, plan the entire party, from menu selections, to how they’d like the room arranged, and pay their deposit. Your staff has all the details before you even confirm the reservation, so they can get out of the office and back to the kitchen.

  • Basic listings are always free, and allow you to connect with customers searching for event spaces. Premium listings are commission based listings that appeal to customers by allowing them to completely plan their events online.
  • Premium listings enable customers to plan every detail of their event right from the website. From menu selections, to table cloth colors, any customization you offer will be chosen ahead of time, no more chasing customers for those small details.
  • After the customer has booked online you’ll have 24 hours to accept, decline, or reach out to the customer for any clarification. Once the reservation has been accepted you’ll be alerted of any changes and events will be locked 10 days before the reservation so there’ll be no surprises for your staff

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