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As I get ready for PEPPR’s official launch party I find myself going through the motions that so many future PEPPR users will find themselves going through. Ordering desserts, finalizing plans for vendors, picking up one more round of decorations. All of these little things add up to hosting a great event, whether it be a fun celebration, or a strait-laced corporate luncheon. And one thing informs just about every other planning decision: the venue.

Finding the perfect venue for whatever you’re planning can be overwhelming. Do you need food and drinks? Or just space? Are you looking for something elegant and formal or are you looking for unique and vibrant? Then once you’ve decided what you’d like, it’s time to face the reality of what’s available.

Often times customers are settling when they select a restaurant for their group or private dining event. Figuring out what restaurants even have private space can be a challenge. And getting a response back once you’ve discovered a suitable restaurant can be even more tiresome. Gone are the days of a centralized reservation book and a simple phone call to the maître d’. Now it’s a never-ending series of “Contact Us” form submissions and leaving voicemails that rarely seem to be returned.

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It’s no wonder that with an increased difficulty in finding and booking private dining rooms more and more groups are finding a restaurant and sticking with it. It’s routine to hear “we know they can handle us all here, so we just come here every time.” Well, here at PEPPR we believe variety is the spice of life.

Mixing up your lunch and learns doesn’t have to be a major headache. With PEPPR, planners will be able to input their needs to find the perfect venue. Need a completely private space? AV equipment? Need to bring in your mom’s famous cake or special decorations? Click all the boxes your event needs to meet and then select from the choices that make sense for you.

Once you’ve browsed the menus and photo galleries and found the perfect space you can plan the entire event. As much fun as it is playing tag with your event coordinator three days out when you have 800 other things to do, sometimes it’s easier to just get it done right away. Make menu selections, decide how you’d like the tables and chairs arranged, even select the table cloth colors. This means the restaurants know exactly what you want before ever confirming your reservation, lowering the chances of mistakes, and also means you have much less to think about in the weeks leading up to the event.

After you’ve paid your deposit (typically 50% of the restaurant’s food and beverage minimum), the restaurant will have 24 hours to confirm or decline your reservation. You can make changes or cancellations up to a date determined by your venue (be sure and check the policies listed on their page), resting assured that your venue will know exactly what you need without fear that they maybe didn’t get your last email.

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PEPPR is almost here and we can’t wait to help you get to the party faster!

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