Parties Might Look Different…

By August 12, 2020 No Comments

But a party is still a party! COVID-19 has changed just about every industry imaginable, perhaps none more so than the hospitality industry. We’ve seen some of our absolute favorite businesses closed, watched area distilleries shift into high gear making hand sanitizer, and transitioned from high volume dining rooms to curbside and delivery options with little notice whatsoever.

This industry is resilient, and Kansas City is resilient, so from the beginning of the pandemic it was clear that the party would go on. Group and private dining might not be ready to come back full force, but the reasons for these celebrations are still happening, and we’re finding unique and creative ways to partake in the gatherings as safely as we can.

PEPPR is ready to bring the party to you. Our new party packages, which will launch this Fall, will be a way to bring the flavors of a night out on the town in Kansas City to the comfort and safety of home.

“When surveyed, 91% of customers do not plan to host a private party in a restaurant or private event spaces in 2020, but over half of those customers plan to host an event in their homes.”

Imagine the perfect night out in KC. Cocktails on a patio on the Plaza before a walk around the fountains, a snack in Waldo before catching some live music and then heading to dinner in Brookside, and then dessert at a food truck in Westport. PEPPR allows you to experience the culinary marvels of all the KC neighborhoods, all without ever leaving your house. Our Party Packages give your guests something different, a unique experience without the hassle of cooking or the expense of traditional catering.

Creating memories around a dinner table is what we’re here for, and while it looks like that dinner table might have to be a bit smaller for a little while, PEPPR is committed to making sure those memories are a little easier to create.

In these unprecedented times, we want to be sure we’re doing absolutely everything we can to support our partners. This means that for the remainder of 2020 PEPPR won’t charge commission or any sign-on fees for our Party Packages. If you know a restaurant, catering company, food truck or any other local eatery or drinkery that would be a good fit for these packages please get in touch!