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45 minutes. That’s how long it took me to make dinner reservations for a group of 12 of my husband’s coworkers. One restaurant I called didn’t take reservations. Another was already booked. One didn’t have room for 12 but if I had 15 I could use one of their private rooms. I’d scoured the internet, called 4 restaurants, nearly ripped my hair out, and eventually the group wound up with reservations at a chain restaurant that allowed me to book online but that didn’t exactly offer the “authentic” local experience they were looking for.

Now I’m a professional event coordinator, with years in the restaurant industry and connections at lots of eateries. If it takes me 45 minutes to make a dinner reservation, what’s the average person going through to make these sorts of plans?

I’d heard my customers complain about this exact problem over and over again. Parents of the groom from across the state, struggling to plan a rehearsal dinner over phone calls and emails. Families looking to celebrate an anniversary or birthday party who wind up settling for a restaurant that doesn’t meet their needs just because it’s close by and has the space their group requires. Frantic friends trying to arrange a good meal for a wake on a moment’s notice. All of these customers had struggled to plan their event before even finding a venue, and in 2019 that doesn’t seem acceptable.

PEPPR is here to change that. No more calling every restaurant you can think of to get information. No more waiting days for email responses, no more panicking the days leading up to the event, unsure that everything you’d planned would be perfectly executed.

PEPPR will allow customers to plan their entire group dining event, all from their browser window.

Tell PEPPR what parameters your event needs to stay within, everything from the date and time, to your overall budget and what types of food you’d like to serve. Select from a list of restaurants that meet your needs, plan the perfect event, and pay your deposit without ever picking up the phone. Feeling uneasy about that big dinner your boss is making you plan? Double check the details of your upcoming events at any time (even, and especially 3:00 AM the morning before), and make any changes right from the website.

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