Launch plus many thanks!

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It was a crazy weekend, but after some time to recover I’m excited to tell you all about it, to thank everyone who made it possible, and to (FINALLY) announce our contest winners!!!

Amigoni Winery was an impeccable host for the evening. With it being a Sunday evening, and a Chief’s Sunday none the less, we were impressed by the crowd to come out and celebrate and we thank each and every one of you for getting the party started with us!


I can’t begin to thank my husband, Adam Chatfield for all of his help and support getting PEPPR off the ground. And to my mom, Jeni Garten, my brother, Kyle Gruber, who all went out of their way to help set-up and give a short demo of how PEPPR works. Special thanks to Kari Dragoo, a longtime best friend who traveled all the way from Chicago to be at the party.



There were so many E-Scholars in the building, it felt like a class reunion! The E-Scholar program at the Regnier Institute at UMKC can be credited with so much and a debt of gratitude is owed especially to Ben Gruber, coordinator of the program and head cheerleader for all the businesses who go through it. The program is a crash course in starting a business, and having a road map is what enabled PEPPR to go from an idea in my head to fully-fledged website in a matter of months. Specifically, through partnering me with impeccable mentors like Terri Jordan of WizeWebs and Michael Amigoni of Amigoni Winery.

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Terri’s insight has been invaluable. Her ability to zoom out and take things step-by-step kept the process manageable, and her advice was always spot on. Not only is Terri a marvelous mentor, but she has become a dear friend and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done and continues to do for PEPPR.

Michael was also an incredible resource. His knowledge base in finance saved us from making some major errors in launching the business, and of course I can’t thank him and his wife Kerry, enough for providing such an impeccable space for us to launch.

Thanks to Marketing Tules for our PEPPR backdrop, Kate Smith Soiree for the delicious cupcakes and macaroons, and Kimbee’s Cakes and More for the cookies! And of course thanks to Brick House, Brio, V’s, Colonial Gardens, Teocali, Brewery Emperial and One Block South for providing prizes!

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To everyone who attended the launch, thank you again. Your enthusiasm for PEPPR is infectious. The website will start featuring more and more restaurants every day, and keep checking back for more updates as we work to simplify group and private dining in Kansas City!

Our gift card winners are:
Heidi Decker
Hanan Younes
Debbie Steiner
Morgan Reilly
Amanda Payton
Email us with the best address and we’ll send your prizes out ASAP!