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A new resource for the party planner in all of us. Looking to plan a group dinner, bridal shower, or any event that requires a private space, food, drinks and stellar service? PEPPR is your all-in-one event planning hub. From venue scouting to paying your deposit, everything can be handled with just a few clicks.
Let PEPPR take the stress out of event coordination.

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Looking for the best way to reach group dining customers? List with PEPPR and find the perfect people for your space.


My husband’s birthday dinner was so much fun, but I can’t believe how much time I spent planning it. I felt like I was playing phone tag with the restaurants and sending emails back and forth, and that was before we’d even picked a location! I wish there had been a way to plan it online, on my time, it would have been so much easier.

Kari Dragoo | Birthday Dinner

Anyone who has tried to plan and execute cocktail hours, parties and recognition dinners at restaurants and event spaces knows that the struggle is real. There's a lot of legwork involved - from online research at individual venue websites, to calls for more information, to booking and deposits. It's a time-consuming and often inefficient process. Having a tool like PEPPR available as a one-stop resource allows event planners and managers to quickly and easily find the information we need to ensure that all of our bases are covered and our requirements are met - and the time saved can be redirected to where it's needed most - ensuring that our guests and attendees have a fabulous experience.

Lauren ConawayInnovateHER KC

Parties We Love To Plan

Parties are supposed to be fun, so why is prepping for a party such a nightmare? Avoid the cleaning, cooking, prepping nightmare of hosting your next social event at home, let one of our great restaurants handle the hard stuff. PEPPR features a great variety of restaurants and event spaces, so no matter the occasion we can simplify your event planning so you can get to the party faster. From a watch party at your favorite sports bar, to a formal 5 course meal complete with wine pairings, PEPPR has you covered.






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