Party Packages Launching Fall 2020

The flavors of KC, the safety of home

PEPPR is committed to making getting to the party easier, global pandemic or not.

While group dining and private parties might look different this year, the reasons for the celebrations remain. So starting this Fall, PEPPR will bring the party to you.

Additional Revenue, No Additional Work

Give your customers a unique dining experience from the comfort of their homes, and introduce your products to new customers all without the headaches of some of the other delivery services…


My husband’s birthday dinner was so much fun, but I can’t believe how much time I spent planning it. I felt like I was playing phone tag with the restaurants and sending emails back and forth, and that was before we’d even picked a location! I wish there had been a way to plan it online, on my time, it would have been so much easier.

Kari Dragoo | Birthday Dinner

Anyone who has tried to plan and execute cocktail hours, parties and recognition dinners at restaurants and event spaces knows that the struggle is real. There's a lot of legwork involved - from online research at individual venue websites, to calls for more information, to booking and deposits. It's a time-consuming and often inefficient process. Having a tool like PEPPR available as a one-stop resource allows event planners and managers to quickly and easily find the information we need to ensure that all of our bases are covered and our requirements are met - and the time saved can be redirected to where it's needed most - ensuring that our guests and attendees have a fabulous experience.

Lauren ConawayInnovateHER KC

A Unique Dining Experience From Home

PEPPR Party Packages are curated to showcase the best Kansas City has to offer, all delivered right to your door. Packages include local libations, shareable appetizers, a family-style main course, and a perfectly paired dessert. Items are sourced from a minimum of 3 Kansas City establishments, picked up by PEPPR and delivered to your door in climate controlled packaging. When the time comes, warm the food in the oven and pour your beverages.

Ta-da, you just threw a really, really cool dinner party.

Packages will be available at launch for 1-20 guests, perfect for every socially distanced occasion from family dinners to intimate anniversary celebrations for two.










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